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Financial Information

LCT Program fees

For non-European students, the program fees are in the amount of Euro 8,500 per year.

For European students,the program fees are in the amount of Euro 4,250 per year.

A limited number of partial fee waivers may be available for individual intakes,see point 2 below for details.

The LCT program fees cover

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers the program fee.

Available Scholarships

EM Scholarships

1. Erasmus Mundus scholarships

The program offers the following categories of scholarships:

non-European scholarships Erasmus+ Partner CountriesEuropean scholarships Erasmus+ Programme Countries
IContribution to travel, installation, visa related costs and any other type of costsInstallation costs:
  • 1,000 Euro per scholarship holder resident of a partner country

Travel costs:
  • 2,000 Euro/year/scholarship holder resident of a partner country whose location is less than 4,000 km away from the coordinating institution
  • 3,000 Euro/year/scholarship holder resident of a partner country whose location is 4,000 km or more away from the coordinating institution
Travel costs:
  • 1,000 Euro per year per scholarship holder resident of a programme country
IIMaximum contribution to the EMMC participation costs (including insurance coverage)up to 9.000 € per year per scholarship holder from a Partner Countryup to 4.500 € per year per scholarship holder from a Programme Country
IIIContribution to subsistence costsEUR 1000 / month (24 months maximum) Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to scholarship holders for the periods of the JMD (study / research / placement / thesis preparation) spent in their country of residenceEUR 1000 / month(24 months maximum) Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to scholarship holders for the periods of the JMD (study / research / placement / thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence

In order to establish the distance of your country from the coordinating institution, please use the EU distance calculator

NB for scholarship nominees: If you are nominated for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, you will be asked to verify your place of residence, for example by providing a residence certificate issued in accordance with your municipality's normal registration rules or by a certificate from your place of work, study or training issued by the employer or institution in question. The document must have been issued within 12 months of the deadline for student application.

NB: Special note for applicants from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo under UNSC resolution 1244/99 and Montenegro. Unless otherwise determined due to residency abroad, your application should be submitted under the area "non-European".

For scholarship application deadline see here.

2. Consortium Scholarships

3a. Erasmus+

LCT students without the Erasmus Mundus scholarship may be eligible to apply for Erasmus+ support for the second program year. These grants can carry a small monthly allowance. The application is done via the International Office of the first year university. Deadlines for the application vary depending on the target university, but are usually sometime in spring. Be sure to begin the process in good time by contacting the international office of your first year university.

3b. Erasmus+ Internships

If you are a current LCT student and have not previously had Erasmus funding, you may be eligible for support under the Erasmus+ internship program to do a short or medium term internship in another European country. The internship may be combined with a grant for study abroad. Your contact point is the International Office at your current institution.

4. Other possiblities

For female students studying CS-related subjects: http://www.google.com/anitaborg/emea/

Annual application to the Software Campus program, submission in April: Software Campus Application

Please refer to the local financial aid information.

Look for other scholarships for study in Europe here: http://www.scholarshipportal.com/

Scholarships for non-Erasmus Mundus students

This list is under construction and is not complete.

Students from the following countries may wish to pursue these scholarship opportunities in their own country:

Erasmus Taiwan Program

In past years, the Taiwanese Ministry of Education has offered scholarships to Taiwanese students on the EMMC consortia reserve lists.

Although the scholarship amounts are not comparable to the actual EM scholarship, (about Euro 12,000) it may significantly help students concerned to start their studies in the programme.

Therefore if you are a Taiwan national and have been placed on the reserve list, we will automatically forward you any announcement when it is published, generally in April each year.

Other information on the Taiwanese Ministry of Education is found here.

5. European Loan Program for EU Residents:


Self-financing residents of a program country may be eligible to apply for an EU-sponsored loan scheme, offered at favorable conditions. The loans are up to 12,000 EUR for a 1-year Master programme and up to 18,000 EUR for an up to 2-year Master and can cover both living and tuition costs in any of the 33 Erasmus+ Programme Countries.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible students must: The Master (or equivalent) that they intend to study must: More information on the Scheme and the participating financial institutions is available on the website of the European Commission:

Insurance scheme

For non-European/European students beginning the program from 2015 onwards


The company Dr. Walter has published the following FAQs: here

Living Expenses

To estimate the living cost, please consult the local pages of the LCT partners and contact the respective local coordinator(s).

Request for additional travel support

The LCT consortium can sometimes award additional support for travel to conferences, summer schools, etc. depending on availability of funds. Such additional funding is generally not in the amount of full costs, but is intended as partial support, for registration costs for example, or partial travel support.


1. Contact the local LCT coordinator at your current site and request funding from local sources. Include full information about the activity, and your role (presenting a paper, for example).

2. If the local coordinator cannot provide funding from local sources, he/she may decide to apply on your behalf to the central LCT administration for available central funding.

3. Such additional support is generally available at most once during your LCT course.

4. If funding is approved, it is generally done on a reimbursement basis, following submission by you of any documentation required, such as tickets or registration receipts.

5. Reimbursement will be done as a wire transfer to the EU bank account designated by you.